Visual Exchange is an organization focused on developing participatory visual and audiovisual work to bring about social and personal change. Its activities follow two main principles:


Participatory visual and audiovisual work used in an exploration dynamic of an issue, a group or oneself is a very powerful tool for provoking new way of thinking and interacting. Along with capacity building, it has the ability to amplify voices from within and to involve exchanges of roles, power and insights in order to trigger innovation, personal and social change.


At Visual Exchange, we believe in the power of shared thinking and action with diversity of people regardless of education and social situation to bring about change and innovation. We also believe in the power of sharing ownership of representation and speech for development. That’s why we focuses mainly on participatory video process as a powerful tool to explore social issues from inside, evaluate and monitor development programs and to stimulate innovation, dialogue and dynamics of change that emanate from within.


Visual Exchange brings together experts in Applied Social Sciences, Design, Filmmaking and others to provide consultancy services to organizations. We develop participatory action-research approach along with Participatory Visual Methods and Art Therapy to address issues and promote change with people and groups in their fields. Founder, Federico Varrasso, is an anthropologist, director and cinematographer initially trained in visual arts and holding a Master’s degree and a PhD in Human and Social Sciences established by french researcher and filmmaker Jean Rouch and focuses on applied visual anthropology.