Inspiring imaginative solutions and new paths of dialogue



Visual Exchange is an organization focused on Participatory Creative Action Research.
We put people, groups and organizations into dialogue with themselves and others. We help them to better understand their environment, the needs and perspectives of their stakeholders, to contact their own resources, to innovate, analyze, evaluate, empower and co-create projects and results with them.
Grounded on Applied Social Sciences and Visual Methods, we provide consultancy, study, workshops, coaching and project development services to people and organizations with an emphasis on social and personal change.



Our approach of Participatory Visual Methods such as Participatory Video, Photovoice, Cellphilm and Participatory Digital Storytelling mixed with Art Therapy can be considered as a range of tools, a form of mediated process of dialogue. It uses a set of visual and sensorial methods, participatory techniques and creative actions in the project or the research to provide a caring and a dialogue zone in between individuals. It can bring to light underlying explanations of general outcomes showing links to beliefs or values that underlie specific behaviors or systemic relations.
It enables individuals, groups, communities or organizations to explore their own resources, experiences, representations, issues and solutions and that can be crystallized in co-created media object which extends the dialogue loop with larger audience.
This leads for stakeholders to better know themselves or their fields, better understand each other’s needs and views and thus stimulate new path of dialogue and a dynamic of change that emanates from within.