Participatory Visual Methods for Community Health

Visual Exchange collaborates with InZone-UNIGE’s program as partner and operator together with UNHCR, International Rescue Committee, UNDP and ICRC.

This programme is carried out by the University of Geneva, a pioneer of innovative approaches to Higher Education in Communities affected by Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis.


The goal is to conduct online and in person training projects focusing on Community Health. The first training was provided in 2023 to forty refugee students from the Certificate of Open Studies (COS) on Community Health in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya.

This initiative involved using Participatory Audio-Visual Methods to engage dialogue with community members in order to prepare trainees for subsequent roles as Community Health Workers, which involved tasks such as monitoring, detection, sensitization, and raising awareness about health concerns.

The training combined theoretical parts on methodologies and practical workshops involving the camp community. That led to the collection of meaning full data gathered by the students themselves using smartphones. Subsequently, this data was transformed into a participatory film titled: “From Waste to Health”  serving as a tool for awareness-raising and advocacy to continue the process. This film showcases participant’s experiences and highlights community voice on one of the key obstacle to community health explored and revealed by participants in Kakuma refugee camp.


InZone – University of Geneva

Photographs / Videos ©2024 Visual Exchange / Certificate of Open Studies (COS) on Community Health participants: Ezekiel Luka Angalo, Sarah Aker Arang, Amina Yakub Musa, Martha Osman Asabala, Abuniran Ismail Tabak, Ekela Fungo, Makuei Gatdor Chatim, Felicien Ryamukama, Pham Loal Hoth, Thak Gatdiet, Kamushabe Jube, Asma Ahmed Abukar, Darasalam Yakub Musa, Makelina Atuo Paul, Abdifatah Bishar Adan, Joel Makamba, Yar Majok, Bashir Mohamed Musa, Sabri Kodi.


2023 – 2024


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