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Professional video production & Participatory Video process, is it compatible?

The production of audiovisual materials is part of most of our missions. However, the status of these materials is varied and meets different requirements depending on whether it is at the center of a participatory video process or stems from a particular production request for awareness, communication or other purposes.

These objectives may intersect, but it is important to evaluate the relevance of a joint or differentiated approach. This is why each request is studied with the utmost care with regard to the objectives and with respect for the parties involved in the project. We adapt our methods to each specific context.

For missions that use the participatory video methodology, the audiovisual materials resulting from the process are part of a qualitative analysis. They are primarily intended to feed into a research, survey, program evaluation, empowerment or art therapy process for example.

Tailor made commissioned videos

On the other hand, if the framework is more that of specific needs in terms of communication, external communication or in order to represent and broadcast the impact of a project for example. Our expertise in the field and our network of professionals in the audiovisual field allows us to take charge of the complete production of commissioned films, documentaries, awareness films or creative video spots with targeted objectives.